Dream Gig #1: Documenting Gatherings

Ntozake_Barnard_Alexis2This is a series about projects I would like to do. My own and/or support that I imagine providing for someone or some org.

Often I attend conferences and retreats and think oooohhh it would be so cool to document this event and create artistic, informative and interactive pieces of media during and after the event. I have documented events before – my own and for other organizations. Unfortunately, they usually do not have many resources going toward documentation during or after and so there is not much that comes of the material I generate.

BUT What COULD this look like?

  • Pre-event promotional videos
  • Live Tweeting with images
  • Facebook reporting
  • Live video streaming the event
  • Photos from the event (posed and candid)
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Gospel Hymns or Quartet Anthems that tell the story
  • Report Back Newsletter
  • Presenter and Attendee interviews
  • Content to supplement the even website or blog
  • Documentary about the entire event
  • Social media documentation and report backs including tumblr, twitter, Facebook, instagram
  • Promotional video and compositions to get support for the next year
  • Vines and short video snippets
  • Graphics and flowcharts to highlight ideas and salient moments
  • Honoring..


The unique vantage point that JRoxmedia brings to documentation is close to priceless. Our cultural relevance and cultural specificity is a perfect fit for certain types of retreats and conferences. We have an intersectional approach to media-making and have a respect for and experience with spiritual, ritual, community, and academic settings.


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