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Our Business Practice
When considering a collaboration or partnership of any kind it is a good idea to consider the values of those involved. This is an informal representation of our VALUES. They will not align with everyone. Primarily, we have a commitment to anti oppression. That means, for example, that in the context of the U.S. if you are not resisting the culture of violence against women or people of color then you will be swept in the flow of the status quo. Some folks are not so well versed in anti-oppression values and WANT a collaborator that can support this sort of shift in a compassionate and comprehensive way.  That is the sort of Values Shift that is exciting for us and will be for you. We believe that growth and transformation can be as positive as we decide it should be.

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Conferences and Retraets
We go to lots of conferences and retreats for various reasons. This is where we like to share insights and examples from those experiences.

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Your Business and Purpose
This is where we like engage the important task of staying on Purpose with your project or business. We do a good amount of sharing about planning and maintaining your connecting to your community of accountability. I believe that we should all be growing and transforming in a positive direction all the time. That means your business plan is (or should be) a fluid document. We share our insights and invite you to share yours so that we can grow together.

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Creation & Art
Collaborating with Artists is very rewarding. The power of creating something out of nothing or something out of anything is what we love to support!

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Visionary Futures
Where is technology headed? What does JRoxmedia imagine for its future? We explore that in the Visionary Futures category.

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Film & Video
All things film, video and storytelling via motion picture.

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Sound & Music
All things sound, audio and storytelling via sound.

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