Professional: Another “ism”


I spare all people the misfortune of being my client. Mainly, because I have learned that the majority of the time, no matter what is at stake, I will not answer the phone if a client calls. I WILL respond to infinite emails, texts or letters. Some calls always get answered, though. I have come to believe that this is just one example of the many ways that I am NOT “a professional”.

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I am a professional in the sense that I have skill and competence in a particular area.  I do provide services. I am paid for my expertise in many fields. Why I am not “a professional” is the same reason that I am not a perpetuator of isms. I resist the dehumanization of all people and beings. It is not that I never do something that objectifies myself or another. It is not that I never get swept up in the flow of a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. It DOES mean that I live a life of resistance to the current of indifference. I live a life where I choose to actively love those I come into contact with.

Nobody wants to hear your plan for how the whole staff can become family of choice in an interview.

When I invest my time, my genius and my love in a project it is more than work. It is my divine contribution to the transformation of the planet. It is a holy union with my collaborators. My code of conduct is love and justice, NOT professionalism. And when my loved ones need me I will answer the phone.

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